T3 Triathlon Club has a diverse membership, ranging from beginning athletes to top age groupers, and includes triathletes, du-athletes, and other endurance athletes who just want to work out and compete as a team. We strive to provide guidance to newer athletes to the sport and pride ourselves on our open and welcoming nature.

  • Membership

    2020 T3 Philly Membership
    Valid for one year
    • Group training and group workouts
    • Clinics
    • Discounts from Race Sponsors and Local Sponsors
    • Social Events
    • Dri-Fit T3 T-Shirt for new members
    • T3 cycling socks for returning members
    • Team Kits at an affordable price
    • Training Partners for all speeds
    • New Triathlete focused workouts
    • FRIENDS who are as crazy as you are