Christina Black joined T3 in 2017, which was also her first season of triathlon. Previously, she was a runner, but training for the Chicago Marathon in the hot and humid summer of 2016 convinced her to try other sports. Now, she has completed five 70.3s and countless shorter triathlons. She loves racing, training, and cheering with T3 teammates, especially on the road. When not training for triathlons, Christina is a plaintiff’s lawyer. She lives in Fishtown with her
cat, Meowy.

Christina Black

Lee Caparas joined T3 after moving to Old City from southern NJ. Lee has been doing triathlons since 2013 without ever having a swim, bike or running background. He loves triathlons for the challenge and camaraderie. Joining T3 was the best of both worlds- getting structured training and making great friends all with awesome personal goals. Lee is a commercial banker with Quaint Oak Bank.

Lee Caparas

Eric is a consulting manager for Adobe and recently moved from Philly to Ambler with his wife, Maureen where he hopes to someday build a " T3 North" contingent. He got into triathlon on a whim in 2015, having only swam a bit in high school, then steadily got faster, more competitive, and more obsessed. Training for the Philly Half Marathon in 2017, he discovered T3 during a track workout, and found a great support system and resource as he looked toward longer distance tri.

Eric DeLone

Mark Yanagisawa joined T3 in 2017 and is new to the Board. He started triathlons in 2015, after 17 years of competitive swimming and discovering his love of cycling and running. One of his favorite things about T3 is the workouts and seeing every member crush their goals. When not training, Mark is an engineer that makes toilet paper.

Mark Yanigasawa

Kurt and Jenean currently live in Philadelphia with their two dogs, Opal and Ruby. This will be their 3rd year with T3, having been introduced to the club by Lee (shocker) after moving back

into the city from South Jersey. Kurt did his first triathlon about 10 years ago with Jenean catching the bug shortly after that. Kurt has a competitive side to him while Jenean enjoys the
training aspect, running races in the fall and winter, and the Aquabike! They both feel strongly about supporting local business, independent and local races, as well as ETA Coach's offering at YMCA of the Pines, which offers some of the best training grounds in our area. They hope to increase the visibility of T3 at races and member participation. Their love of racing and training, as well as a great party, make them excited to be part of the T3 board. Their favorite term is "one
more" which applies to both "recovery drinks" and races"

Kurt D’Andrea & Jenean Lane

Born and raised in Cuenca, Ecuador, Sal lives in the South Jersey Area. He is an awesome Dad of a beautiful young lady, Brianna, and also the greatest Pitbull ever, Cyrus. He started looking into triathlon competitions back in 2016, after a solid background of 40+ official Marathons concluded. He joined T3 because of the camaraderie in the group, the diversity in every way, and the amazing friendships he built in the past 2 years. This group always goes above and beyond anything to help, advise and support teammates during training or a race, and he has seen the power of that encouragement can make a huge difference on race day. He is looking forward to serving and being part of T3 to build a great legacy as a Triathlon Club.

Salomon Vazquez

Katie Duquette started out as a cross country runner in high school but always had recurring injuries. After discovering her injuries eased up through cross-training, she picked up multi-sport training in 2016. Katie joined T3 in the summer of 2017, which provided the community to get involved with triathlon racing over the past few years. She loves the T3 workouts, but her favorite runs are with her training buddy and perfect pacer - Tess (her dog). Katie lives in Northern Liberties and is in a post-baccalaureate program for medical school. Previously, she did international tax consulting.

Katie Duquette