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2019 Membership is now open!

T3 is a triathlon club based in the Philadelphia area. Our team is run by an all volunteer board with the focus supporting our members’ goals, building a strong community, and raise awareness about the sport of triathlon. T3 Triathlon Club has a diverse membership, ranging from beginning athletes to top age groupers, and includes triathletes, du-athletes, and other endurance athletes who just want to work out and compete as a team. We strive to provide guidance to newer athletes to the sport and pride ourselves on our open and welcoming nature. Our members compete in local, regional and national races of all distances, from Ironman to the shortest of sprints.

Membership Includes:

  • Group training and group workouts

  • Clinics 

  • Discounts from Race Sponsors and Local Sponsors

  • Social Events including post race BBQs, Happy Hours, Parties and Post Workout Beers and Brunch

  • Team Swag Item- 2019 Dri- Fit T3 T-shirt

  • Team Kits at an affordable price

  • Training Partners for all speeds

  • New Triathlete focused workouts

  • and...

  • FRIENDS who are as crazy as you are

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